Sendmail and Unexpected EOM

Scott Silva ssilva at
Mon Nov 5 15:52:30 GMT 2007

on 11/5/2007 4:33 AM Quentin Campbell spake the following:
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>> Subject: Sendmail and Unexpected EOM
>> I'm getting a lot of collect: premature EOM: unexpected close
>> errors from certain servers, and a google gives me much conflicting
>> info.
>> Running CentOS 4 and current stable MailScanner.
>>  I have tried decreasing the MTU on the external interface, and only
>> succeeded in stopping all traffic. Tried disabling window scaling, and
>> that also had no effect. Could the default be to set no-fragment on
> packets
>>from CentOS 4?
>> [snip]
> Scott
> What evidence do you have that it is your end rather than the sending
> site, or somewhere in between, that is at fault?
> Although a 'traceroute' does not always work (because ICMP is disabled
> at gateways) it may indicate some large delay on the route between the
> sender and you.
> I also see the 'premature EOM' messages here and have assumed them to be
> a problem for the sender, not us. 
> Where they occur after we have returned 'REJECT' status for all
> recipients after a DNSBL lookup, I assume that because the sender is a
> spammer they do not bother to close down the SMTP connection with a
> RESET or QUIT and simply move on to start a new SMTP connection with
> another target.
> Quentin   
I know that it isn't my end causing the problem, but the changes to linux and 
the receive window in the tcp stack has added to the errors.

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