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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Mar 29 23:21:00 CEST 2007

On 29/03/07, Don Knott <dknott123 at> wrote:
> Hello-
> I would like to decode certain attachment types to a particular address. I
> get messages with .DBF file attachments that I need to decode and extract to
> a directory to be processed (imported into a DB) later by a cron job.
> I am struggling with procmail & metamail to do it but not having much luck.
> So far its too interactive. Googling only seems to find stuff about encoding
> from scripts, not decoding.
> Can I do this with a ruleset in Mailscanner?
> Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Apart from doing something in a custom function, I can't see any
reasonable way of doing it in MailScanner, and one could well question
whether constructing a custom function for this is reasonable:-).

Funnily enough, I did something like this with metamail ... ohhh...
about 10-12 years ago... To long ago to remember it all, might've
ended up wrapping it in an expect script, but ... i sort of doubt
that: (I think I would've remembered something like that:-).
Stick with it, you'll get it eventually:-). ,,,, Or use something
else... munpack looks viable (
after a quick google)...

-- Glenn
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