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On 06 Mar 2007, at 10:24 AM, Thomas A. Cameron wrote:

> Having said all of that, I have a user that believes he doesn't  
> need SPAM protection. He believes he can handle the problem better  
> than any tool. If I had a way to do it, I wouldn't block  
> connections with an RBL either, just to show him what he's in for.  
> But, that's not something I really want to get into.
> My question is this. How can I tell MailScanner to blindly accept  
> any email destined for several addresses? Would I be better off  
> doing this on the postfix level with a header check that tests  
> positive on every address except his few? I use the SQL whitelist  
> function of MailWatch, so I can't whitelist wildcards for his  
> address. Is it possible to chain rule files & modules for the "is  
> definitely not spam" option?

I believe this is the portion you require...

# The purpose of this option is to set it to be a ruleset, so that you
# can skip all scanning of mail destined for some of your users/ 
# and still scan all the rest.
# A sample ruleset would look like this:
#   To:  no
#   From: no
#   FromOrTo: default           yes
# That will scan all mail except mail to and mail from
# To set this up, put the 3 lines above into a file
# called /etc/MailScanner/rules/scan.messages.rules and set the next  
line to
# Scan Messages = %rules-dir%/scan.messages.rules
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset (as illustrated above).
Scan Messages = yes

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