Good news on Julian Field, and get well cards welcome

Tim Chown tjc at
Tue Mar 6 12:00:20 CET 2007

Hi all,

Hopefully not tempting fate by saying there's good news on Julian.  Just
had a call from his dad at the hospital and he reports that Jules is
coming round from under the sedation.    They've been lowering the dose
over the last three days during which he's had no relapses, and this
morning Jules woke slightly and managed to give a thumbs up sign.

I saw Jules yesterday afternoon and he was back to a very normal colour,
was moving his head and had 'REM'-like eye movement, so was looking then
like he was close to coming round.  

It will clearly be quite a while before Jules is in any position to 
use a laptop, but the last three days have gone really well, and we'll
just need to be patient now as the gently gently recovery continues.

His parents are very keen for people to send cards now (please, no flowers!)
and we'll handle these through his work address, so, please, feel free
to send your 'get well' cards to:

	Julian Field
	School of Electronics and Computer Science
	University of Southampton
	Southampton SO17 1BJ
	United Kingdom

I'm sure his parents would also be very proud to see a good response;  if
you've all used Jules' code it doesn't take much by way of thanks to get 
a card in the post :)

Also, every message here was printed out and every one was read to him while 
he was under.   We hope he'll be looking through them in person soon!


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