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Rob Poe rpoe at
Tue Mar 27 17:54:10 CEST 2007

Why can't you use them?  default   ->  weirduser at

> My question is this. How can I tell MailScanner to blindly accept any email destined for several addresses? Would I be better off doing this on the postfix level with a header check that tests positive on every address except his few? I use the SQL whitelist function of MailWatch, so I can't whitelist wildcards for his address. Is it possible to chain rule files & modules for the "is definitely not spam" option?
> Any suggestions would REALLY be appreciated. This is such a backward idea, I'm not even sure what I would call it. 
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I do this right now for abuse@ here.

Simple enough to set up, just put it in spam.whitelist.rules.

I'd also do it within your MTA because I'm twisted like that...


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