IP address reputation, BorderWare

Matt Hampton matt at coders.co.uk
Fri Mar 23 20:57:24 CET 2007

Rick Chadderdon wrote:

 > Someone sending to jim at target.com will forge the
 > sender address as jim at joe-job.com, the next one goes out to
 > joe at target.com with a forged sender of joe at joe-job.com, etc...
 > Caching doesn't help here.

Agreed.  I might make a further change to limit the number the number of 
  call backs to a particular server or domain.  I'll have to think about 
this - I have a fair bit of work on rolling out some new services at 

> If Matt makes the changes he spoke of, I'd be a lot less grumpy about
> the use of this milter.  

Yup - I have.  Patch has been submitted to Eugene and am awaiting feeback.

If you want access to it :

It is based on smf-sav-1.4.0

Apply the patch from here:


rebuild it and install

Then add the following configuration option:

DelayChecks on

and restart.....

Before Res or anyone else get's uppity ( ;-) ) please contact me off list.


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