OT: IP address reputation, BorderWare

DAve dave.list at pixelhammer.com
Fri Mar 23 17:22:04 CET 2007

Dennis Willson wrote:
> Why yes, I know how SAV handles greylisting.
> When SAV receives a temp failure, SAV returns a temp failure. A real 
> mail server will try again later which will cause SAV to verify again 
> when the sending server retrys. This works just fine. However, if you 
> run greylisting too, this adds a double delay on th delivery of the email.

We have several real mail servers, they all retry within 30 minutes. My 
question was would the tuple expire from the greylist DB *before* the 
retry took place. Checking the SAV archives and then the config for 
milter-greylist I see this,

# This option attempts to make milter-greylist more
# friendly with sender callback systems. When the
# message is from <>, it will be temporarily
# rejected at the DATA stage instead of the RCPT
# stage of the SMTP transaction. In the case of a
# multi recipient DSN, whitelisted recipient will
# not be honoured.

So milter-greylist is already making exceptions so we don't break SAV. 
That is good to know, though we hadn't any complaints.



> I can live with that.
> DAve wrote:
>> Chris Yuzik wrote:
>>> Res wrote:
>>>> The key here, you spoke to a salesman.
>>> Heh. It could have been worse...I might have talked to a marketing 
>>> guy. ;-)
>>>> Many ISP's are doing this and it upsets their stats so of course 
>>>> they dont want you to use it. Word gets around that it does this, 
>>>> more people will shy away from their product, they dont care at all 
>>>> about you protecting your users...unless you buy and use their product.
>>>> Keep using the milter.
>>> Apparently, Matt is working on a modification to SMF-SAV that will 
>>> change the order of the checks so that the sender is only verified IF 
>>> they're sending to a real recipient on our end. As soon as that comes 
>>> out, we'll implement that.
>> Does anyone know how greylisting affects milter-sav? What happens when 
>> I send an email to you and you attempt to verify me, and I greylist 
>> your attempt? You surely don't try to hold my delivery connection for 
>> 5 minutes waiting to try again do you?
>> If you refuse the delivery, I'll try again later and the whole cycle 
>> would begin anew because without a successful connection within a 
>> specified time, you will never get make it into my whitelist correct?
>> DAve

Three years now I've asked Google why they don't have a
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Maybe they forgot who made that choice possible.

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