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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Thu Mar 22 23:11:15 CET 2007

Denis Croombs wrote:
>> Denis Croombs wrote:
>>> I have always felt that address verification was worse that spammers
>>> and will never deal with people who use it.
>> Denis,
>> That's interesting. Can you explain your position?
> Over 90% of the email that the 200+ domains I protect is spam from
> spoofed email address's, why should I send an email to these poor
> sods who have had they email address spoofed just to fill up their
> email inbox. 
> As far as I am concerned it is a joke system that compounds the spam
> issue. 
> Yes I feel strongly about it, but that is my 2c
> Denis

You're misunderstanding how it works.  The spoofed accounts never see an
email.  If joe.spammer sends a message to me with a forged from address
from frieda.forged at somedomain, my milter initiates a connection to see
if somedomain will accept mail for her.  It *never* sends any mail -
just verifies that the user exists.  If it will, she's a valid user and
I check to make sure it's to a valid recipient.  If so the transaction
continues.  If not, the connection is dropped.  The spoofed user never
knows anything about the transaction and doesn't incure any additional
junk email.  

Takes a couple of cpu cycles, sure, but far less than accepting &
scanning spam...

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