MailScanner gateway stats

Paul Baily gen2lists at
Thu Mar 22 10:22:46 CET 2007

Hi all,

Apologies in advance if this is a FAQ or semi-OT, I did try searching  
the archives for an answer, really I did.

I'm about to put a MailScanner/MailWatch/sendmail/spamassassin  
machine into production for the uni I work at and would dearly like  
to be able to produce some stats on how it's doing for Those That  
Manage (But Do Not Know Better.)

My question is what do you use for high level trend reporting traffic  
stats? MailWatch itself? MailScanner-MRTG? Mailgraph? Vispan?

I currently have charts available via MailWatch and MailScanner-MRTG  
but have also been trying to get trend analysis-type reports going  
via mailgraph since it provides really good day/week/month/year  
charts. The problem I'm having is that this is a gateway to an  
internal email system, and I'm trying to get mailgraph to accurately  
identify inbound and outbound traffic from a site context. Going from  
a gateway perspective (which is what it's currently doing) each email  
is logged as a sent email regardless of whether it's inbound or  
outbound sitewise.

I'm guessing this is really a question of working out the correct  
regexes for mailgraph for each smtp transaction, but I just thought  
I'd ask in case anyone else has tried the same and has either hit a  
working solution or has given up and gone for something like Vispan.

thanks in advance for your time and apologies for the semi-OTness.


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