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Mon Mar 19 23:35:45 CET 2007

On Mon, 19 Mar 2007, am.lists wrote:

> I'm currently fighting some usability issues surrounding the phishing filter.
> The perfect example to share is Google Alert emails. Every link is
> flagged due to the way that the email is crafted. (sample screenshot:
> )

Cant see your screenshot as I dont use GUI for lists/newsgroups

if google says  < one_thing > one_thing , it should be OK, it will and 
rightfully so complain if either of those differ.

> sites being updated daily, this seems to be quite a problem. How can I

How is that? You can whitelist google, personal entries in that file are 
not over written by updates, its intelligent enough to leave it alone and
just add the new entries from the update.

I also think adding google to everyone by update is not a good idea, so 
just add it to yours :)


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