SPF and authenticated mail

Dennis Willson taz at taz-mania.com
Mon Mar 19 22:14:31 CET 2007

The way I solve this is to use a seperate mail hub for incoming mail 
(where the MX points) and the users authenticate against a different 
server which does not do SPF because ONLY authenticated users are 
allowed to talk to it.

On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 10:12:10 +0100
  Alvaro Marín <alvaro at hostalia.com> wrote:
>Hello again,
>> Your server IP is the trusted_network.
>Yes, my server's IP is defined in trusted_networks.
>> That way, anything that is received by your server from a dynamic IP 
>>is not
>> tested for SPF, at least not if the client used authentication.
>AFAIK, SA can't difference beteween SMTP authenticated user and not 
>Postfix, receives the message and is saved on the "Hold" queue; then
>MailScanner gets it and analises the message with SA (that sees that 
>  client's IP is not in the TXT record of the domain, so it adds 
>score). Am I right?
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