SPF and authenticated mail

René Berber r.berber at computer.org
Mon Mar 19 11:57:12 CET 2007

Alvaro Marín wrote:

> AFAIK, SA can't difference beteween SMTP authenticated user and not one.

Yes, it can.

> Postfix, receives the message and is saved on the "Hold" queue; then
> MailScanner gets it and analises the message with SA (that sees that the
>  client's IP is not in the TXT record of the domain, so it adds SPF_FAIL
> score). Am I right?

Maybe, SA 3.1.6 used to have a bug, but that only affected sendmail, which is
what I use; the bug was corrected in 3.1.8 .  I'm not sure if it really works
with postfix.
René Berber

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