Message Blocked

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Wed Mar 14 17:49:36 CET 2007

Fabio Silva wrote:
> Hi all, i had a mail that was blocked on mailscanner, the message has
> no executable file, just a attach with the name msg-29120-102.txt but
> the message is marked with "Bad Content" and when i open the message
> in mailwatch i have this line above in the report option
> "Report:    MailScanner: No programs allowed (msg-29120-102.txt)"
> In my filename.rules.conf has no deny to .txt just one allow.
> Why?? Why this message is blocked?

Odds are it's a text attachment that's an embedded mail message, typical of mail
clients configured to "Forward as attachment". The embedded mail message
probably has a .exe file attached to it, which your mail client would
understand, and MailScanner detected.

Take a look at the text file in your quarantine and see what it is.

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