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Dhawal Doshy <dhawal at> wrote:

> Why 6.2 and not 7.0-CURRENT?? you only need to answer this question
> to yourself.. anyways there was a nice reply by Viktor on the postfix
> list today in reference to postfix versions, which does validate your
> point of view as well but at the same time says 'whatever rocks your
> boat' (as Glenn puts it), i'll paste the URL here for convenience..

Yes, I read that post when it appeared on the Postfix forum. As far as
'7.0' goes, I only have three computers at the present that I can mess
with personally. Updating a program is one this; an entire OS is quite
another. Besides, I hope to install '7.0' on another PC I am getting

> While running the latest/greatest does have its advantages.. if an
> older version does fit the requirements, then there is no urge/reason
> to upgrade.. Finally if your distro (say rhel for instance) backports 
> important fixes, all the more reason to not run bleeding-edge and
> stick to distro-stable. For some the thrill lies in latest/greatest,
> for others the thrill is in stability (dealing with the known devil)..

Since I am running FBSD, I am not sure what exactly you are referring
to. I have never ran anything other that this and Windows obviously. I
think FBSD offers a lot more options when it comes to keeping a system
current than some of the other OS's that I have investigated. That is
one of the prime reasons I choose to use it. From what you were
describing in your previous post regarding updating, I am sure of it.
If I had to go through all that just to update a program, I would go
back to Microsoft.

As you stated though, whatever ...


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