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Dhawal Doshy <dhawal at> wrote:

> 2.4 is still a release candidate.. btw devel for 2.4 started late
> last year (post a stable milter implementation in 2.3.3).. what are
> your sources for a 2.4 beta releases for over a year??
> i am sure you do that for every part of your distro.. run the latest 
> beta for everything.. right? some of us have better things to do than 
> wget whatever.tgz, tar xzf whatever.tgz,cd whatever, ./conifgure,
> make, make install.. for every package in $DISTRO.

I am using FreeBSD-6.2 presently. The updating of the port, in this
case Postfix, is virtually automatic. This is
the: /usr/ports/mail/postfix-current port specifically.

To update the port, all I need do is run 'portsnap fetch update' to get
a current port image and then run 'portmanager -u -l' to update all
files or just 'portmanager /mail/postfix-current -l' to update that
port by itself.

Actually, yes I do try and keep my system relatively up-to-date. I have
it all set to run from a script I created and then have CRON execute it
once weekly. Simple, easy and painless.

I am not sure exactly when 2.4 was released; however, I was using it,
if I remember correctly, last June or so. Not really very important


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