dealing with dictionary attacks

Scott Silva ssilva at
Sun Mar 11 22:42:45 CET 2007

Glenn Steen spake the following on 3/9/2007 5:46 PM:
> On 10/03/07, Drew Marshall <drew at> wrote:
>> On 10 Mar 2007, at 00:52, Scott Silva wrote:
>> > Res spake the following on 8/7/1998 5:37 AM:
>> >> On Fri, 9 Mar 2007, Drew Marshall wrote:
>> >>
>> >>> Oops, sorry ;-) rendmaul it is. Dictionary duly updated
>> >>
>> >> Thank you :)
>> >>
>> >>> I think you will find these things are called 'features'. Some
>> >>> features are worth shouting about and others are best removed/
>> >>> hidden
>> >>> at a later date (and
>> >>
>> >>> I have heard that some can cause swapping but let's not go back
>> >>> there
>> >>> :-) )
>> >>
>> >> I am working on a patch to force swapping? is that what everyone
>> >> wants?
>> >> trust me it'll be a quick  3 line patch I can upload this
>> >> afternoon when
>> >> I get back home ;)
>> >>
>> >>
>> > I tried to apply that patch to my wife, but it tainted her kernel! ;-P
>> That's always the problem if you upgrade from Girlfriend >v3.x to
>> wife v1.0.
> IIRC Scott is already at version 2.0 of wife. Whther this is due to
> the whole MRS swapping problem or not, I'll defer to comment on.
True, I am at wife 2.0, but only because wife 1.0 was interacting with every
other daemon on the system, but failed to interact with critical core
processes. A recompile failed to fix the problem, and I had to delete her
files. I'm sure she is happily corrupting someone else's system, but my
processes seem soo much smoother. And the system load is far more tolerable!

>> I did the same and I too can't get her to swap properly either. Every
>> time it's even suggested there is a warning message about this
>> process needing me to pay a huge fee both to consultants and in some
>> form of licence fee. I have to admit to not liking the sound of this
>> and always selecting cancel and going back to searching Google for a
>> work round :-)
>> I hasten to add, I have not found one ;-)
> Well ... the only viable option AFAICS is the single thread
> semi-swapping variation... Some might call that "cheating" though, so
> be careful... Might otherwise lead to a forced upgrade from wife v1.0,
> and the license fees/consultants kicking in ... in an inopportune
> manner;-)
> Cheers
Luckily, the license fees were more tolerable than the constant system
crashes.  ;-P


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