dealing with dictionary attacks

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Thu Mar 8 08:19:43 CET 2007

On Thu, 8 Mar 2007, Hugo van der Kooij wrote:

>> We chip em when we see em, SA is close related to MS, a damned sight more 
>> than postfix, majority of MTA issues are completely unrelated to this list 
>> and should never be posted here, it is done because people are lazy to 
>> google or too lazy to sub to another list.
>> The frequence of postfix related topics is high for obvious reasons, those 
>> using sendmail, qmail and exim rarely have problems, PF is a higher 
>> maintenance MTA for users of MS compared to the formers.
> Having run sendmail for a long time I beg to differ. Before one masters the

I beg to difer, a recent check of archives shows pf has the most 
problems with MS, and its a well known fact,m even admitted to b ythe 
regular postmix weenies.

> MC config files to build a sane sendmail config you need to jump through at 
> least as many hoops as one has to do with postfix.

It's the same as anything, if you bother to learn it you'll master it.
I've used sendmail for well over 15 years, maybe close to 20, getting too 
old to give a dman to count :)  Tried all the others, the only 
other MTA that I'll use is Qmail, but each to our own.

anyway this is all OT, yet AGAIN... if you want to continue by all means 
send to my pvt inbox.


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