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Sun Mar 4 13:32:11 CET 2007

On Sun, 4 Mar 2007, Res wrote:

> But, different parts of the world get attacked from different countries,
> the highest in order here for instance are
> tw
> kr
> cn
> then on a lesser scale of around the same level are
> br, it, and and from the US the likes of roadrunner, 
> verizon and comcast.
> So should I block all of nl as well because I get spam from 2 ISP's there? I 
> dont think so, and I'm rather well known for being anal retentive when it 
> comes to dealing with spammers and there ISP's.

Pardon me. But I wasn't writing in Dutch. Was I? I was being rather clear 
one should NOT use country lists in my opinion but your response now seems 
to suggest I am al in favor.

Among the blocking entries in my postfix config is a number of header 
checks on charactersets no one is able to read here. So I loose a lot of 
Russian and Korean spam that way.

As far as complaints go. If the ISP at hand is not acting you can contact 
the CERT team which covers the area.


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