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Sun Mar 4 11:46:35 CET 2007

Hugo, would you allow any email into your network if you did not just 
score them ?

Sorry but that list is just plain B.S, and you wont find many
serious networks using it, it will create too much drama for the 
CSR's who have to field the complaints from end users.

But, different parts of the world get attacked from different countries,
the highest in order here for instance are


then on a lesser scale of around the same level are
br, it, and and from the US the likes of 
roadrunner, verizon and comcast.

So should I block all of nl as well because I get spam from 2 ISP's 
there? I dont think so, and I'm rather well known for being anal 
retentive when it comes to dealing with spammers and there ISP's.

The biggest issue with tw/kr/cn is most likely language barrier, they dont 
act upon english speaking spam complaints because they probably understand 
english as much as we do their language.

3 US ISP's out of god knows how many, does not warrant including US, not 
in the asia/pacific rim anyway.

On Sun, 4 Mar 2007, Hugo 
van der Kooij wrote:

> On Sun, 4 Mar 2007, Res wrote:
>> On Sun, 4 Mar 2007, Tony Enderby wrote:
>>>  The point about including the US zone is very valid as you noted, it 
>>> ranks
>>>  amongst the top countries of
>>>  spam origin. The networks I service however receive a significant amount
>>>  of email from the US and although
>>>  a percentage of it is Spam, the majority of it is legitimate. Most of the
>> I guess he doesn't depend on getting flash notices from Sun, corporate 
>> deals from HP or security alerts from Foundry, Cisco and Juniper   :)
> Well I dodn't blacklist on country. I just keep track per country.
>> I noted .ca ? I've never seen spam from Canada, ever, they seem to be the 
>> most friendliest people on the planet.
> I beg to differ here. While not as bad as the US they have their share of 
> incidents. You may may not have noticed them based on the domain name as 
> various carriers work in both US and CA.
> But they made the list the pas week:
> [US] United States:                       1321
> [IT] Italy:                               1051
> [CN] China:                                814
> [KR] Korea, Republic of:                   672
> [PL] Poland:                               381
> [DE] Germany:                              333
> [ES] Spain:                                256
> [FR] France:                               249
> [RU] Russian Federation:                   249
> [BR] Brazil:                               228
> [GB] United Kingdom:                       215
> [IN] India:                                187
> [TR] Turkey:                               151
> [GR] Greece:                               142
> [IL] Israel:                               125
> [JP] Japan:                                123
> [RO] Romania:                              123
> [TW] Taiwan:                               116
> [CA] Canada:                               114
> [MX] Mexico:                               108
> That puts them right smack in the middle group of spam as usual.
> The high ranking networks:
> 195.46.1:                                  132  GR      Greece
> 220.160.164:                                59  CN      China
> 158.38.152:                                 41  NO      Norway
> 200.1.105:                                  32  TT      Trinidad and Tobago
> 218.24.41:                                  27  CN      China
> 59.45.103:                                  26  CN      China
> 193.252.22:                                 24  FR      France
> 212.254.75:                                 20  CH      Switzerland
> Greece is mainly 1 PC on 1 specific network which is rather presistent.
> Hugo.


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