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Tony Enderby tenderby at
Sun Mar 4 12:52:04 CET 2007

Hi Again,

I perceive it's only a flaw if it's advertised to do something that it 
doesn't.  I indicated in my original post that if you received email
from any of the countries in the zone it would not be wise to use it. 

I'm also well aware of the philosophical debate as well as the technical 
one for why blocking a whole country is not a good idea but in my
case it works well.

The US zone as I mentioned in my last post was not included because 
there's a measurable percentage of email that is legitimate. If there's 
a measurable
percentage no matter how small, the relevant country blocks are omitted 
from the zone.  Each country included in the zone has sent a significant 
amount of
Spam to my networks over the past year with zero legitimate email content.

It's a big, dumb blanket approach but why even receive email and then 
process it from (insert country here) if you don't need to.


Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
> On Sun, 4 Mar 2007, Tony Enderby wrote:
>> Hugo,
>> I should have prefaced my original post about this zone with the fact 
>> that I put it together
>> based on the current geographic flow of email that my clients 
>> receive.  It certainly isn't for everyone, nor
>> does it intelligently discern.
>> The point about including the US zone is very valid as you noted, it 
>> ranks amongst the top countries of
>> spam origin. The networks I service however receive a significant 
>> amount of email from the US and although
>> a percentage of it is Spam, the majority of it is legitimate. Most of 
>> the other countries in the zone however send
>> nothing but Spam to my networks and my client base have no desire to 
>> receive email from these locations either.
>> I have been using this for a quite a while and when going back 
>> through the list posts I noticed there were some individuals
>> who were interested in blocking by country.  I only posted it because 
>> of this and to save folks who wanted to do it the need
>> to include individual zones provided by
> And that is your flaw. Whatever fits your traffic pattern will not 
> match someone elses. So show them the trick to build their own list 
> but do not publish yours as RBL.
> Hugo.

Kind Regards,

Tony Enderby.

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