implementing SPF, which milter?

Michael Choo mikechoo at
Fri Mar 2 07:35:58 CET 2007

thanks. However the users that travel and are affected are senior  
management with no clue.
the only thing they can do is raise lots of fuss about mails being  
rejected by their clients.

I think i'll try the port 587 solution and see how that goes.


On 02 Mar 2007, at 12:08 PM, Chris Yuzik wrote:

> Michael Choo wrote:
>> I had to disable SPF for one of our customers as they had users  
>> travelling in europe and middle east and were forced to use the  
>> ISP's SMTP server.
>> Anyone in Europe can verify or explain?
> Michael,
> Here in Canada, a number of ISPs (for example, Telus), including  
> cable and DSL, block outbound access on port 25. They do seem to  
> allow outbound access on port 587 though. Additionally, with some  
> fancy footwork with iptables, you can configure a port-forward from  
> some unused port to port 25 which we do as a backup just in case  
> port 587 isn't available either.
> Chris
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