Besides clamav what other AV for MS

Michael Choo mikechoo at
Thu Mar 1 08:41:05 CET 2007

On 01 Mar 2007, at 12:22 AM, Kevin Miller wrote:

> Truth be told however, I see very few viruses hitting my MailScanner
> box.  I reject an awful lot of emails at the MTA via greet-pause and
> recipient/sender checking.  I suspect that many of what would be virus
> laden messages are thus squelched before they're allowed anywhere near
> my mail servers.  That shouldn't be construed as a suggestion that
> anybody slacken their AV profile - I'm just curious to know what  
> sort of
> virus hit rate others see...

I run several MailScanner boxes.

With Greet-pause & sender checking, I get about 0.002% to 0.15%
With Greet-pause but without sender checking, I get about the same  

I guess most of it got stopped at Greet pause? or rather, virus  
infected mails are not so common nowadays. Phishing on the other hand.


Michael Choo
ACTC, APP 2006

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