Problems with install of ExtUtil::MakeMaker which comes with MailScanner

Scott Silva ssilva at
Fri Jun 29 23:31:51 IST 2007

Glenn Steen spake the following on 6/29/2007 1:20 PM:
> On 29/06/07, Julian Field <MailScanner at> wrote:
> Well spotted. I have added it and it will be in the next release.
>> Might this be the case for the rest of the "no build" ones? there were
>> a handful of those, mostly either things that didn't matter (already
>> had a version that newer/new enough)... Yeah, had to do an emergency
>> rebuild yesterday evening/night... didn't have time to take any notes,
>> so can't really say which it was... Built on Mdv -07.0.
>> Since I'm officially on vacation now,i can't be more precise than that
>> for a few weeks;-).
>> Cheers
>> -- Glenn
> Sean Coleman wrote:
>> I have been attempting to install MailScanner 4.59 on a RedHat AS 4
>> system running perl 5.8.5. I realize I can ignore all the errors
>> produced by the compilation of MakeMaker and realize I don't need it
>> since I have MakeMaker in my current perl but, I did figure out what
>> caused the error. Setting PERL5LIB to perl -V | grep site_perl | tr -d
>> ' ' | tr '\n' ':' causes the error. When I comment out the line, the
>> build
>> works fine. What was the intent to limit the perl library path using
>> the PERL5LIB variable? When I ran the commands used to set PERL5LIB, I
>> discovered that the variable included non path info such as:
>> config_args='-des ....'
>> /usr/lib
>> I figured out that the definition of PERL5LIB needs one more grep
>> added, grep -v config_args.
>> If you define PERL5LIB as follows, all will compile
>> PERL5LIB=`perl -V | grep site_perl | grep -v config_args | tr -d ' ' |
>> tr '\n' ':'
>> Thanks
>> Sean Coleman
> Jules
Happy vacation to you, Glenn! I am also off in an hour and a half, but only
taking a week. I'll tip a few in your general direction!!

MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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