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I have just released the latest beta version, 4.61.4.

*Please* test this new release if you use Postfix or if you are 
interested in the new watermarking feature.

The main new points in this beta are:
- - New feature: "watermarking" so that you can guarantee that replies
your email messages will not be caught by any of the spam traps.
- - Bug fix: rare Postfix header milter support problem.
- - Improvement: much easier to get binary attachment searching working 
with MCP.

Download as usual from

The full Change Log so far is this:

* New Features and Improvements *
1 Direct support for the "clamd" virus scanner -- now talks directly to
  clamd daemon without any overhead of calling clamd-wrapper or
  As a result, this should be faster than the previous clamd support.
  It also has a much smaller memory footprint than the "clamavmodule" 
  This is all thanks to Rick Cooper who wrote the original code.
  New configuration options are
  - Clamd Port = 3310
  - Clamd Socket = /tmp/clamd
  - Clamd Lock File = /var/lock/subsys/clamd
  - Clamd Use Threads = no
  The use of these settings is explained in the MailScanner.conf file.
2 Changed session handling in direct clamd virus scanner support.
3 'MailScanner --lint' now finds clamd virus scanner.
3 Made clamd subsys lock file blank by default, so it works on non-Linux
3 Added another example to the Allowed Sophos Error Messages setting for
  password-protected files.
4 Renamed "sa-update" command and cron job to "update_spamassassin".
4 Added ability to easily disable update_virus_scanners script.
4 Added conditional call to sa-compile to update_spamassassin cron job.
4 Added to $PATH in update_phishing_sites for Solaris 10 locations.
4 Added new feature (thanks to Matt Hampton for this) to skip the spam 
  on a message if it is a reply to one of your own messages. This is 
known as
  "watermarking" a message. There are 4 new configuration settings:
  Add Watermark = yes
  Skip Spam Checks If Watermark Valid = yes
  Watermark Secret = SOMETHING-SECRET!
  Watermark Lifetime = 2419200 # = 4 weeks

* Fixes *
2 Fixed bug in auto-zip feature with a message containing 2 attachments
  the same filename.
2 Fixed bug in auto-zip feature that would allow zipping of an
  which had been cleaned out of the message.
3 Fixed "identified/found" bug in AVG parser.
3 Fixed bugs in Panda and AVG parsers courtesy of Rick Cooper.
3 Fixed bug in Postfix handler which caused a problem with empty
4 Fixed bug in SuSE init.d script stopping MailScanner reload working 
4 Changed method for getting MCP to decode binary attachments (the 
  ones have "application" in their MIME type). New patch for 
SpamAssassin 3.2.1 required now. No other SpamAssassin patches required at all.
4 Added definition of "noticesizeinfected" to languages.conf.
4 Added speedup (courtesy of Glenn Steen) to the new Postfix milter
4 Fixed rare bug in Postfix milter header support (from Glenn Steen).


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