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This is a similar theory to the one I posted last night about avoiding the
watermark. Dependant on how the hash is constructed it would be fairly easy
to construct a SPAM email using a current watermark. If spammers trawl
through mailling lists then they could potentially harvest any emails using
watermarks, and the more they get especially from the same source, could
even look at reverse engineering the hash itself.

I think the functionality is great and would be a great additional defence
against the continued struggle again SPAM.  I would be very interested to
read pending patent once I know the number :)


On Wed, 27 Jun 2007 09:34:25 +0100, "Martin.Hepworth"
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> Jules
> WRT the watermarking feature....didn't some clever sod at some
> conference suggest malware/spam replies to existing emails  in order to
> make it through whitelists etc?
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> <snip> 4 Added new feature (thanks to Matt Hampton for this) to skip the
> spam
>> checks
>>   on a message if it is a reply to one of your own messages. This is
>> known as
>>   "watermarking" a message. There are 4 new configuration settings:
>>   Add Watermark = yes
>>   Skip Spam Checks If Watermark Valid = yes
>>   Watermark Secret = SOMETHING-SECRET!
>>   Watermark Lifetime = 2419200 # = 4 weeks
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