Beta release 4.61.4

DAve dave.list at
Tue Jun 26 19:06:48 IST 2007

Daniel Maher wrote:
>> 4 Added new feature (thanks to Matt Hampton for this) to skip the spam
>> checks
>>   on a message if it is a reply to one of your own messages. This is
>> known as
>>   "watermarking" a message. There are 4 new configuration settings:
>>   Add Watermark = yes
>>   Skip Spam Checks If Watermark Valid = yes
>>   Watermark Secret = SOMETHING-SECRET!
>>   Watermark Lifetime = 2419200 # = 4 weeks
> Does this result in the addition of a header or something?  Is there detailed technical documentation available for this new feature?

The big question is the LifeTime. Is MailScanner caching the watermark? 
IF so can that cache be shared? We have multiple incoming MS servers, 
and multiple outgoing SMTP servers.

If possible I am sure we can Ruby something up to add the watermark on 
the outbound servers and pass that information to the MXs.


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