MailScanner startup/Sendmail Config question

Scott Silva ssilva at
Tue Jun 26 18:02:51 IST 2007

Bryan Guest spake the following on 6/26/2007 9:39 AM:
> Hello:
> I have a question regarding the configuration of MailScanner, in the way
> it starts Sendmail.
> My Mail Gateway MTA's are configured like this:
> Redhat ES V4
> MailScanner 4.56.8
> ClamAv  0.90.1
> After processing, local mail is delivered to a Mail Store machine and
> non-local mail is delivered to the destination MX by the MTA.
> As I understand it, MailScanner starts Sendmail twice.  The first
> Sendmail accepts mail and queues it in the inbound queue.  The second is
> the queue runner which delivers all mail passed through by MailScanner
> to the outbound queue.
> My issue is, that the first Sendmail blindly accepts mail no matter what
> the To: address says and queue's it.  It is not doing any non-account
> processing.   This isn't appropriate for a Gateway.  I need to bounce
> invalid users with the first Sendmail, so that it doesn't get piled up
> in the outbound queue where the Mail Store machine rejects it during the
> delivery attempt by the outbound queue-runner.
> In other words, since my mail is not to be delivered locally on my
> MailScanner machines, how can I configure the first sendmail to reject
> based on invalid To: addresses?  Has this problem not been encountered
> before?
> I should mention here that all our users are stored in LDAP.  The
> Gateways and the Mail Store are LDAP aware, so that the machines know
> what is a valid user and what is not.  But we are not using LDAP for
> mail routing at this time.
> Any information which anyone could share on this situation would be
> appreciated.
> And many thanks to Julien and everyone on this list for all the effort.
> Bryan Guest
Sendmail by default should reject invalid users, but you have to let sendmail
know how to determine valid users.
has some info on how to get sendmail talking to the ldap server.
Or you can use a milter to check for valid users.


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