Error with virus scanning

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Mon Jun 25 13:26:54 IST 2007

On 25/06/07, Sam Bailey <cyprix at> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Installed MailScanner for the first time via Mandriva rpm, and got most
> things working except for this message in my logs:
> MailScanner[9019]: Virus and Content Scanning: Starting
> MailScanner[9019]: ERROR: Unable to open file or directory
> MailScanner[9019]: Requeue: XXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXX to XXXXXXXXXXXX
> I'm using MailScanner 4.55.9 with SpamAssassin module and ClamAV 0.90 under Mandriva Linux 2007.1 Spring.
> I thought that maybe the permissions weren't right somewhere but I was unable to work out what I needed to change.
> It is definentally a real problem as I belive it may be allowing the infected mail to be tagged as safe.
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Sam Bailey
Hi Sam,

I'm running essentially what you do (2007.0, newest MailScanner
....:-), with no problem...
This mioght be a few things... Like a typo in the MailScanner.conf
file. You could check that with "MailScanner --lint". Or perhaps you
claim to have some tool, but in reality haven't installed it (like
hardcoding to use clamav for Virus Scanners, while not having
installed it, File Command = /usr/bin/file, but not installed the
actual file command etc).

-- Glenn
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