problem having using french support

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Jun 21 20:47:24 IST 2007

Administrateur de systemes spake the following on 6/21/2007 12:32 PM:
> That was the problem
> When  do a file on the msg i get
> penguin [/tmp] >file msg-4551-7.txt
> msg-4551-7.txt: DOS executable (COM)
> Is there a way to find a solution ? other languauges have the same problem ?
My magic file has all the Dos Executable (COM) entries disabled by default. I
wonder if it is a risk?
There couldn't be that many left floating around anymore.

# .COM formats (Daniel Quinlan, quinlan at
# Uncommenting only the first two lines will cover about 2/3 of COM files,
# but it isn't feasible to match all COM files since there must be at least
# two dozen different one-byte "magics".
#0	byte		0xe9		MS-DOS executable (COM)
#>6	string	SFX\ of\ LHarc	(%s)
#0	byte		0x8c		MS-DOS executable (COM)
# 0xeb conflicts with "sequent" magic
#0	byte		0xeb		MS-DOS executable (COM)
#0	byte		0xb8		MS-DOS executable (COM)


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