Virus not detected

Ed Bruce theodrake at
Mon Jun 18 20:19:01 IST 2007

Ed Bruce wrote:
> Anybody get the "perfroma_invoice.doc" virus? Or is it? We have received
> this email attachment twice. I've run the original email through both
> clamav and bdc by hand and it comes up clean. I've extracted the
> attachment and it also comes up clean.
> Yes I'm seeing alot of chatter on the internet claiming it really is a
> virus and one person claims to have sent in the signature to clamav so
> it's in their database. But it scans clean for me????
Well to reply to myself. This is a Word document with a macro inside of
it that is an executable called Performa_Invoice.exe. If I save this off
to my computer, it is scanned by eTrust antivirus and eliminated from my
computer. Would be nice if this could be caught some how by clamscan and MS.

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