Virus not detected

Scott Silva ssilva at
Mon Jun 18 20:13:51 IST 2007

Ed Bruce spake the following on 6/18/2007 11:18 AM:
> Anybody get the "perfroma_invoice.doc" virus? Or is it? We have received
> this email attachment twice. I've run the original email through both
> clamav and bdc by hand and it comes up clean. I've extracted the
> attachment and it also comes up clean.
> Yes I'm seeing alot of chatter on the internet claiming it really is a
> virus and one person claims to have sent in the signature to clamav so
> it's in their database. But it scans clean for me????
Do you have a raw message sample to put up for others to test on?
Did you try it on Virus Total? (


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