ANNOUNCE: BarricadeMX is released

Rob Poe rpoe at
Thu Jun 14 17:57:28 IST 2007

So, I understand that Fort and Snert have partnered up to stop spam at the MTA ...... and obviously it will be a proprietary method, but inquiring minds still want to know .. Anyone have any kind of idea on the techniques?

I have 2 clients.  One is a trucking firm.  They get a lot of trade industry magazines (which SpamAssassin hates) and a lot of people in the trucking industry who think it fine that they have a 400x400 inline .gif with their signature and other misc. stuff, in an email with a "Hey give me a call if you want me to service your loads" ... yeah SA hates that too..

The other is a law firm.  They want Artificial Intelligence for their spam filter.  Everything that ISN'T SPAM gets delivered and everything that IS SPAM doesn't  -- no errors.

Of course, if you go too strict on filtering you can lose emails, and if you go too lose you end up with horse sex in your inbox ... how does this product compare to current methods?

Greylisting has helped tremendously, but there are still some seriously BRAIN DEAD admins running some seriously BRAIN DEAD email apps that don't ever retry.. So for the two above clients, it didn't work so well.

(oh, and why do people make 10 outbound mail gateways, so a message that retries goes between the 10 different hosts, getting a greylist deny every time, but te delivery retry is > 1 minute) ???

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