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Phil Udel Phil.Udel at
Mon Jun 11 13:19:55 IST 2007

Hi Everyone.

I know this is way off topic, but having used mailscanner for many years I
have come to value your options and insight.


Anyway,  I found out last Friday that management has deemed it necessary to
convert from our CentOS sendmail/pop server to Exchange on Winblows.


I have about 250 mail boxes that I will need to convert and I would still
like to you mailscanner to pre-process all internet mail inbound going to


I know that some of you have gone through this conversion, and since I am on
my own to learn Exchange and windows at the same time. I was hoping I could
get some.

"This is the best way to do it" documents.


Any help on the following topics would be greatly appreciated:

1)      How to set up Mailscanner for pre-process inbound mail to Exchange.

2)      Best way to convert Sendmail/Pop to exchange.  All at once or little
at a time?

3)      Any add on tools for exchange to make it run better like, reporting
tools, database repair tools.

4)      Anything on how to set up a exchange server "Best Practices"


They want me to order hardware this week.  Lol.  I told them I have a little
reading to do first. So any help I can get from you guys would be really


Thanks in advance.



PS  Currently I think I spent maybe $3k on the server I am running now,
Exchange has priced out over $50K so far.  LOL
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