SA not working after upgrade

Mogens Melander mogens at
Thu Jun 7 07:02:20 IST 2007

On Wed, June 6, 2007 17:29, Scott Silva wrote:
> Mogens Melander spake the following on 6/6/2007 3:29 AM:
>> Hi,
>> Yesterday i did an cpan upgrade of SpamAssassin, after
>> which, it seems that MailScanner no longer uses SA.
>> A spamassassin --lint gave no clue as all looked good.
>> I'm being flodded in spam, so hints are more than welcome.
> Did you originally install spamassassin from CPAN?
> If you installed it any other way, you need to update it the same way
> every time.

Well, your sugestion makes some sense, but, i have only one instance
of spamassassin on my system, so that should not be the issue.

BTW, i got MailScanner/SpamAssassin from OpenProtect originally, and
it looks like they are not updating at all.


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