Can't get clamd working???

Gerry Doris gdoris at
Wed Jun 6 12:47:39 IST 2007

Julian Field wrote:

>> I'm running four virus scanners (this is a test system).  For some 
>> reason MailScanner finds clamavmodule but not clamd.  It also finds 
>> the other 3 scanners without problems.
> The "auto" functionality can't (as easily) find clamd so it doesn't find 
> it at present. Doesn't stop you using it though.
> Jules

OK, I have all versions of clamav selectable and working fact, 
other than a small problem with ownership of /tmp/clamd it always was 

I was confused when MailScanner --lint continued to say that I had 
clamavmodule even though I was using one of the other ones.

Thanks for your help!

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