Beta release 4.61.1

Yashodhan Barve yashodhan.barve at
Tue Jun 5 17:43:33 IST 2007

Rick Cooper wrote:
>>     [Rick Cooper] 
>>      It would be possible to add an option to restart the daemon if a problem was
>>     encountered however I leave that up to Julian as it would require
>>     runningthe hosts init script and I don't know if that is something
>>     he would want todo. However if clamd has a problem your logs will
>>     note this and you could certainly set up a script to run in cron
>>     to look for MailScanner clamderrors and notify you. I personally
>>     monitor all my important daemons fortrouble and I have a script
>>     that PINGS clamd that runs from cron. I reallyhaven't had problems
>>     with clamd for at least a year and I never restart it.I only have
>>     redhat/centos/fedora based distros though. 
>     I'm not getting into the market for writing clamd monitoring
>     scripts, I believe there are already some out there.
>     If you want to rely on clamd, it's up to you to ensure it's running
>     reliably.
>     [Rick Cooper] 
>     I agree completely. I think MailScanner calling external init scripts would be bad given it's not generally running as root so one would have to give the MailScanner 
>     user access to the script and I just don't know about how I would like that from a security standpoint. I think any responsible SysOp should be monitoring all the 
>     important daemons with the ability to restart and notify in case of issues, including MailScanner. Besides even if you use clamscan, clamdscan or ClamAVModule if 
>     sig database get's hosed you are going to have a problem and you need to be watching the logs for issues anyway.
>     Rick 

Monit I does a very good job
of monitoring services. It also has a example config for Clamd

Yashodhan Barve

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