Best way to run ClamAV???

René Berber r.berber at
Mon Jun 4 22:56:01 IST 2007

Michael Masse wrote:

> I just updated to MS 4.60-1 as well as SA 3.2 / Clam 0.90.3 via Jules'
> automatic installer.    There has been so much list traffic about clamscan vs
> clamd vs clamavmodule that I can't make out which one is what I'm supposed to
> be running.   I'm just running the default clamscam and that can't be right
> because it's maxing out the cpu to 100%.     Can someone please set me
> straight on how I should be running ClamAV?

Best performance: use clamd or calmavmodule.  The first depends on you setting
up and running clamd, also to be careful with permissions/ownership of the
incoming directory; the last one doesn't need anything else (other than updating
the databases with freshclam or the script provided by MS).

Clamscan is the worst choice, clamdscan is used by the "clamd" option in the
version you are using, direct communication with clamd is being used in the next
version (4.61.1).
René Berber

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