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> I use a milter (a clone of milter-bcc) to multiply up the traffic and 
> have it delivered to a 'speed-testing' server using mailertable and a 
> fictitious domain name. The speed-testing server processes the mail 
> through MailScanner and then uses a very dumb sendmail setup 
> to deliver 
> all mail to another host, whose sendmail setup bins all 
> incoming mail. 
> That way I can load up the speed-testing server and keep the incoming 
> and outgoing SMTP traffic as real as possible. With an out-of-the-box 
> MailScanner setup (including SpamAssassin and a couple of virus 
> scanners) it can handle well over 2 million messages per day.
> If I get a chance I will try to do some timings for you, but 
> no promises.

Wait until tomorrow if you can, I am just getting ready to head out the door
for Indianapolis (2hr drive one way) and will be gone until sometime
tonight. If I get home early enough I will send new patch for the per batch
scan, otherwise I will build/send early tomorrow morning.



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