Clamd Verses ClamAVModule timing

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> I would like you to do the ping/pong once per batch. Because...
> a) virus scanning is not a high proportion of the total time to test 
> each message,
> and
> b) if doing the ping/pong once per batch makes it a bit slower, the 
> batches will tend to get bigger, thus reducing the percentage 
> overhead 
> caused by the ping/pong anyway.
> Jules.

Ok, the PING/PONG overhead isn't much anyway and my original thinking was it
would be overall faster if the daemon had gotten messed up as it would have
to time out before I knew there was a problem (hence the short PING/PONG
timeout). Really haven't had problems with the daemon getting hosed for a
very long time but a some time back I noticed that even though clamd was
active and you could connect it wouldn't respond (hence writing the original
PING/PONG check I still run from cron). And I guess if you are normally
scanning one message at a time the difference in overhead won't amount to
anything since you are running a low load service anyway.

And of course you are the boss after all ;-)


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