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I would like you to do the ping/pong once per batch. Because...
a) virus scanning is not a high proportion of the total time to test 
each message,
b) if doing the ping/pong once per batch makes it a bit slower, the 
batches will tend to get bigger, thus reducing the percentage overhead 
caused by the ping/pong anyway.


Rick Cooper wrote:
> I finally did some timing comparisons between the clamd (current full batch
> version) scanning verses clamavmodule. The listed times are pretty average
> for all the tests. Each test was conducted against the same message/batch
> and the batches were 20 copies of the same message. I found something a bit
> interesting.
> ClamAVmodule beat clamd on a single message every time when using the
> PING/PONG check (test if clamd is alive and responsive before calling it to
> scan) but clamd was much faster scanning batches even with the PING/PONG
> test. Removing the PING/PONG code resulted in clamd being much faster with
> both single and batch scans. NOTE the times changed between tests but the
> differences were pretty consistent in terms of percentages.
> Clamd
> Batch  ELAPSED TIME : 0.261474
> Single ELAPSED TIME : 0.154804
> ClamAVModule
> Batch  ELAPSED TIME : 1.058038
> Single ELAPSED TIME : 0.035388
> Without PING/PONG
> Clamd
> Batch  ELAPSED TIME : 0.939942
> Single ELAPSED TIME : 0.045016
> ClamAVModule
> Batch  ELAPSED TIME : 2.430126
> Single ELAPSED TIME : 0.069513 
> My question is should I remove the PING/PONG code all together, leave it for
> debugging only, or just leave it as is. Even without the PING/PONG test you
> will still get a log message if MailScanner cannot connect to the clamd
> daemon. Clearly the process of building the connection, PING/PONG and
> reconnect for scanning has overhead and it's not a big deal on the batches
> but would make a difference in the single message scans. My opinion is to
> remove the PING/PONG all together as the daemon has proven pretty stable for
> the past year or so, and most people run some form of daemon check script
> anyway. Plus I can provide my clamd check script for the bin dir if
> requested.
> Thoughts?
> Rick Cooper
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