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Fri Jan 26 14:59:55 CET 2007

On Friday 26 January 2007 8:50 am, Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 26/01/07, Dimitri Yioulos <dyioulos at> wrote:
> (snip)
> > I apologize if I'm taking this post OT, but is anyone using the "free"
> > BitDefender console version with MS?  I installed it, and ran MS
> > bitdefender-autoupdate, which seemed to work.  But, it's hard to tell if
> > the virus signatures were truly updated.  Does anyone know if this is the
> > case? Also, must bitdefender be "started"?  If so, how?  And, finally,
> > should bitdefender-autoupdate be run as a cron job, or does MS handle
> > that?
> I would say that all of us that use bdc (well, pretty close to all ...
> at least:-) are using the "free console version".
> You do not need run the autoupdate script by hand, it will be run (as
> any _installed_ AVs autoupdate-script... Whether it is used is
> immaterial, if it's there, MS will update it) by the
> update_virus_scanners script that the MS install places into cron
> (well, at least for the RPM install, you might need schedule it by
> hand on the tarball install, and I imagine the freebsd port to do
> something appropriate to that:-).
> So... basically there is _no_ setup needed to get updates.
> And the update_virus_scanners script/teh autoupdate scripts will log
> what it does, and possibly what result (update, no update needed etc)
> to your maillog, and possibly some place else... In the case of
> ClamAV, there is a file /tmp/ClamAv.update.log (or similar) that you
> can look at for details, and for bdc there is
> /var/log/bitdefender_updater.log ... And if you want it at a glance,
> and use MailWatch there one can look at the Tools page (I don't recall
> if one had to add the script for this, or if it is part of 1.0.3 ...
> The answer to that is somewhere in the MailWatch mailing list
> archives). Hm. Perhaps I should update the bitdefender wiki page with
> this info... When I get the time:-).
> Enough?
> Cheers
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More than.  Thanks, Glenn.  All I need to do now is figure out the MaiWatch 
piece (if anybody knows how to, I'd appreciate it).

Thanks again Glenn.


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