Clamav with MailScanner on Fedora 6

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Wed Jan 24 12:17:21 CET 2007


> I sent this message before, but it seens it didn´t get to the list... I´ve 
> just built a Fedora 6 box with Postfix + MailScanner + Clamav (installed via 
> yum). MailScanner is working just fine, but, if I enable Virus Scanning, I 
> see lots of messages like theese on maillog:
>   Jan 22 12:10:44 barney MailScanner[6201]: clamav: Failed to complete, 
> timed out
>   Jan 22 12:10:45 barney MailScanner[6320]: Commercial scanner clamav timed 
> out!
> Is there any configuration I need to do on Clamav to make it work with 
> MailScanner? I´ve reduced, on /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf the "Virus 
> Scanner Timeout" form 300 to 30 seconds (if I let 300 seconds, my mail queue 
> becoumes huge and nobody sends or recieves messages for a long time).

Dont sound like a mailscanner issue, but a performance issue on your 


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