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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Mon Jan 22 19:04:44 CET 2007

Michael Masse wrote:
> I have a user who complains about email from a specific domain getting
> tagged as spam, and he swears that it's "impossible" for them to be
> sending spam to others.     Mailwatch shows a plethora of spam coming
> from them, so even though I've whitelisted the domain in question for
> this specific user to make him happy, is there a way I can redirect
> all of the spam coming in from this one domain regardless of who it's
> destined for to him so that he can learn that just because his friend
> uses a certain domain doesn't mean it's "impossible" for spam to come
> from it?       I know this isn't the right thing to do, nor would I
> really implement it.  It's more of a hypothetical question, but it
> would make me feel better if I knew that it was at least possible  :)
> Mike

It's easy enough to generate a report showing all the mail that comes
from that domain in MailWatch - why not just show him some.  Should be
plenty in the quarantine directory that he can see.  Print out a couple,
or even go into MailWatch and release one or two; you can specify
alternate recipients...

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