Greetpause seems very ineffective (Was: RE: Increased Volumes Of Spam)

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Sun Jan 21 13:34:42 CET 2007

Per domain opt in/out is the way to go. Most GreyListing applications
store their data in some form of database, so making the choice
customer driven is very easy to implement.

At the end of the day everybody has different needs, but most customers
winge about how much SPAM they receive. Any form of countermeasure
introduces a delay, even MailScanner, so whatever you do a customers
email is always going to be delayed.

Just my 2p worth.

On Sun, 21 Jan 2007 22:04:34 +1000 (EST)
Res <res at> wrote:

> On Sun, 21 Jan 2007, Dennis Willson wrote:
> > eMail has no guarantee of delivery or especially timing of delivery.
> >
> > There are many many things that can effect the timing of delivery.
> > If a lawyer or other business needs an instant or guaranteed time
> > of delivery they
> > certainly shouldn't be using eMail. Most servers retry within a few
> > minutes.
> this is not the case in reality, host servers that process real 
> quantities of mail do not retry within minutes, typicaly its 10/15/30
> 60 mins depending on how busy the servers are.
> > I have my greylisting set to only force a 2 minute delay AND this
> > only occurs
> the amount of time anyone sets greylaming to is moot, it comes down
> to when the attempting to send server, retries.
> if any tech under my control initiates greylisting on any server i
> will dismiss them instantly, our customers want their mail asap that
> means without delay, and I pride myself in ensuring that happens, it
> keeps the paying customers happy, if they happy I'm happy.
> but each to our own, clearly you dont give a stuff when your
> customers get mail, which is your business entirely, so long as your 
> cusotmers are prepared to tolerate it, and accept that deliberate
> delaying of their inbound mail is not the norm with every service
> providor and you advise them of this prior to their application of
> your serices, you do warn them you delay their mail dont you?

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