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Fri Jan 19 19:05:53 CET 2007

MailWatch does already allow individual users to control their white 
and black lists. If you use the latest version Steve has included the 
change I made that allows users to set their own Spam score 

The MailWatch code is organized fairly well and therefore is pretty 
easy to modify.

On Fri, 19 Jan 2007 18:21:37 +0100
  shuttlebox <shuttlebox at> wrote:
>A colleague of mine who's responsible for quite a large MS
>installation processing mail for a number of our largest clients is
>considering switching to Borderware instead. I have built his
>installation and take care of all the more complex work but he's fed
>up with tinkering with rulesets (typically white/blacklists) for end
>I know that many of you will recommend him to use MailWatch for
>simplicity but he wants to move configuration to the end users
>themselves and apparently BW offers that.
>1. Does anyone here know pros and cons of BW appliances besides what
>you can find out by visiting their web site? I have read their
>material from there.
>2. Is there (web) frontends aimed at the end users available for MS?
>Is DefenderMX the answer?
>I want more MS, not less so I want to provide what he thinks MS lacks
>in comparison to the commercial alternatives (who tend to focus on
>nice GUI:s).
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