AOL accounts trigger some weird rules. Suggestions please?

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Wed Jan 17 23:11:24 CET 2007

Steve Campbell wrote:

>> whitelist_from_spf
>> It's a bit crude, but at least it's quite safe from forgeries. (ie: it
>> will only
>> match mail sent from IP's that AOL claims it owns.)
> I do get hits that trigger the SPF rules, if I am reading you properly,
> and I am guessing this goes in my spam.assassin.prefs file. But won't
> this whitelist everything from AOL? Is that what you mean by crude?

Yes, that's what I meant by crude.

> I would still like to have other rules apply.

Well, other rules do still apply.. SA's whitelisting doesn't really exempt an
email from checks, it just adds a heavy score bias. (-100 points for the normal
version, -15 for the def_whitelist_* variants)

> Thanks for the idea. I'll look into this further.
> Steve
>> -- 

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