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Tue Jan 9 13:45:54 CET 2007

On Tue, January 9, 2007 Drew Marshall wrote:

>You Sendmailite :-)


>Postfix is an MTA that can be used with MailScanner (Even though the
>author of the said MTA thinks not!) and therefore it is sort of related.

The signal to noise ratio has been bad in recent times, and most of it has 
nothing to do with MailScanner, this impedes those needing help with 
MailScanner, the fact someone gets back chatter with postmix <:P> has
nothing to do with MailScanner.

>Remember if you utter the MS word on the Postfix list you are likely to 
>be ex-communicated and be written out of Wietse's will ;-)

It is probably the only thing I actually agree with him on, the 
reason the Internet is full of 1M+ lists for different things is so those 
things can be discussed there, once discovered the issue is not related 
to MailScanner the issue then becomes OT and should be taken elsewhere to
keep the signal to nosie ratio at a low.

An MTA can be used with NetApp filers as their storage, should we give 
support for these as well?  Typcially, mail to an MTA passes through a 
router, should we support cisco, juniper and foundry issues as well? :)


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