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Michael Huntley michael at
Sun Dec 16 15:40:19 GMT 2007

Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 15/12/2007, Andrea Bazzanini <andreab at> wrote:
>>  Hello guy
>>  I have a strange problem to solve.
>>  My boss ask me if is possible block all mails coming from one or more
>> address before sending.
>>  All email received from(ex) user at must be routeted to
>> bigboss at mydomain, if the email is ok, the message will be relased to the
>> final destination....
>>  Can i use MS to solve my problem ??
>>  Thanks...
>>  NB: sorry about bad english !
> Yes, you could, in a way. You could use a ruleset to blacklist
> (Definitiely Spam, Definite Spam Is Highscoring, High Spam Action
> containing "store"... or something similar). Then use MailWatch, set
> the bigboss up so that he can see the relevant user(s) mail(s), and
> let him release them as he sees fit. SHould be workable:-).
> Cheers

Just use the Non Spam Actions and set up a rule that email from
user at gets 'store' as the action.  Very easy.


vinum vesco valens viscus

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