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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Sun Dec 16 15:12:36 GMT 2007

On 15/12/2007, Andrea Bazzanini <andreab at> wrote:
>  Hello guy
>  I have a strange problem to solve.
>  My boss ask me if is possible block all mails coming from one or more
> address before sending.
>  All email received from(ex) user at must be routeted to
> bigboss at mydomain, if the email is ok, the message will be relased to the
> final destination....
>  Can i use MS to solve my problem ??
>  Thanks...
>  NB: sorry about bad english !
Yes, you could, in a way. You could use a ruleset to blacklist
(Definitiely Spam, Definite Spam Is Highscoring, High Spam Action
containing "store"... or something similar). Then use MailWatch, set
the bigboss up so that he can see the relevant user(s) mail(s), and
let him release them as he sees fit. SHould be workable:-).

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