OT Fedora in production (as nstallation Problem on Fedora Core8)

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at fonant.com
Wed Dec 12 16:01:39 GMT 2007

> So, no-one can tell me that Fedora is as stable as RHEL.

No, it's not as stable, because RHEL lags behind Fedora by a year or so,  
but that doesn't mean that Fedora is unstable.

> I agree with Peter: more recent is not always more stable. Of course,
> sometimes you need "more recent" because of features, critical bugfixes,
> etc, not (yet) available via RPM.

Yes, more recent releases are less stable, by definition. Choosing what to  
use is a constant trade-off between stability and requiring new features  
and performance improvements.

I'm glad that MailScanner has a policy of regular releases with new  
features, I'd hate to be stuck with the last "stable" version that was  
perhaps five years old!

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